As South West Florida’s premier specialty builder you can rest assured that our experience and in-house expertise benefit every construction project we undertake.

We are a working contractor while many contractors broker critical aspects of a project, we work hands-on with a full staff of preconstruction and construction professionals. We don’t leave your schedule, cost or quality to chance..

At EG Contracting Co. we understand you have a lot on your plate and your job is difficult enough EGC is here to help. Whether it’s to introduce you to new vendors who can offer refurbished equipment that can be financed at fraction of the price of new but still comes with a warranty or we can also custom fabricate equipment that is specific to your needs and fit your space making your facility standout from your competition.

Once we obtain the necessary municipal approvals then we can start construction turning your vision into a reality so not only do we build your business but we will help you grow it.