Property Maintenance Service

Why Join EG Contracting Co Maintenance Service Plan

Member Benefits
Convenience of a Single Point of Contact for all your Properties Needs
Lowered Administration Costs
Transfer of Risk/Limiting Liability
Key Inspections Ascertaining the Condition & Defects of Various Parts of the Property
Proactive Planned Maintenance
Reduced Owning and Operating Costs
Improved Equipment Reliability and Up-time
Increased Energy Efficiency and Sustainability
Increased Building Comfort and Indoor Air Quality
Odor Control
Fixed Savings
Performance Guarantees
No Trip Charge for Service Calls

This monthly service covers a broad scope of work including, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, drywall repair, touch up painting, lighting, medical equipment, regular preventive maintenance, and quality inspections.

Property Maintenance Service Plan Includes: key inspections plus scheduled preventive monthly maintenance.

ADA Compliance Inspection: (a $500.00 value) this inspection makes sure you don’t get sued for ADA non compliance as we make you aware of what must be done to be in compliance; if anything. (Americans with Disabilities Act)

Prefire Inspection: make sure you don’t fail your fire inspection.

Electrical & Lighting Inspection: ensuring your electrical and lighting systems are at optimum efficiency. We will maintain and repair your electrical & lighting equipment as well as inform you of money saving solutions.

HVAC Inspection: to make sure your system is running as efficiently as possible this includes an energy audit, establishing a energy management plan, cost analysis for equipment retrofits and replacements as well as proactive and preventive maintenance such as changing filters, testing, measuring and verification of controls.

Medical Equipment Inspections: functionality inspection to make sure equipment is functioning properly, electrical safety inspection is preformed to ensure that your medical device poses no fire, shock, or overall safety hazard and a inventory of your equipment so we can service them as needed. Every month we do a leak test on your oxygen manifold to see if there’s any leak in your system along with testing the EVAC (anesthetic gas evacuation system) for leaks or low vacuum. Replace surgery light bulbs and transformers. Adjust surgery light arm to prevent drifting of lights during surgery. Greasing or adjusting surgery tables and wheels, to increase their life. Replace charging cords of all sorts on equipment. Terrestrial and under water treadmill maintenance. Make sure exhaust systems are working properly. (Replacements performed as needed.)

Aesthetic Inspection: touch-up visual defects in the paint or drywall. (Drywall replacement not covered.)

This monthly service covers a broad scope of work including, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, lighting, medical equipment, regular preventive maintenance, and quality inspections. Contact us today for more information and let us start saving you money today! 239-440-9461

Contracting Co. services are second to none when it comes to professional commercial property maintenance. Regardless of the property size or type if you are looking for dedicated affordable professionals for your retail property, office building, medical building, or industrial building maintenance, you have found the right place.
Landscape Maintenance Service
Keeping your property beautiful can be daunting. Let the professionals at EG Contracting Co. take care of this for you! We provide services to treat, maintain, and keep your property looking it’s absolute best. Whether you are looking for maintenance only, or a whole new design EGC has affordable options for you. We guarantee top-notch maintenance and timely service regardless of season or job size. Contact us about our Landscaping Maintenance Services today!

Landscaping services: Landscape Design, Installation & Renovation, Grounds & Parking Lot Maintenance, Irrigation Maintenance & Installation, Integrated Pest Management, Fertilization, Seasonal Floral Programs, Arbor Care, Aquatic Maintenance, Aerification & Verticutting.