Owners of Pine Island Animal Clinic in St. James City, FL
To those considering Eric Grenier as their General Contractor for either building construction or interior remodeling, we give Eric the highest possible recommendations. As owners of Pine Island Animal Clinic in St. James City, FL. we moved from a rented 1,700 sq. ft. facility to an over 7,000 sq. ft. purchased facility. Needless to say this has been a huge financial and emotional undertaking. We interviewed a number of contractors prior to Eric who all expressed concern with being able to deliver the project on budget. We knew of Eric through the work he had done for Jason Eisele, DVM and Owner of SPECIALIZED VETERINARY SERVICES in Fort Myers. Dr. Eisele was very please with Eric's work. We attended the Open House and we found the Hospital remodel to be of the highest quality. When we met with Eric he was very confident on delivering the completed project with in our time frame and with in our fixed budget. With a leap of faith we hired Eric. The building we purchased was a former bank building and warehouse; it was a complete interior tear out and conversion to a modern hospital which now includes boarding grooming and a day care center. Now that the project is completed, we can honestly say Eric not only has exceeded our expectations on build quality, he has done so Significantly Under Budget ! Moving and Reopening a Hospital is a Huge undertaking and the decision on hiring the right contractor is of up most importance. Eric Grenier is worthy of your trust, and if we had it to do over again we would certainly hire Eric. Please feel free to visit our hospital and see for yourselves or give us a call and although extremely busy, will find the time to discuss. Sincerely , Trevor Singer & Dr. Kendra Techeira Owners , Pine Island Animal Clinic 10290 Stringfellow Road , St James City, FL. (239) 283-1244
Trevor Singer & Dr. Kendra Techeira