EG Contracting Co. utilizes lean construction methods a production management-based approach to project delivery which maximize’s value and minimize’s waste. Collaboration starts early, integrating the key members of the clients staff, design and construction teams to maximize project success. Measuring reliability and performance starts immediately.

Through these proscesses EG Contracting Co. is able to solve the most complex construction challenges.

EGC is a construction company that delivers projects on schedule, within budget, with superior quality and a focus on safety. We strive for continuous company improvement and preconstruction processes to ensure proper budget estimating and design reviews. While our services vary based on the project and our unique client needs, what doesn’t vary are the results. All data is detailed, accurate and up front. This allows for informed decision-making, cost control and schedule adherence from end-to-end. Let us show you how our proven construction approach can best serve your next project and contact us today.