Custom Built Homes

Your Custom Built Home
Would you love to design and build your dream home, a house created just for you, but don’t know where to start? That’s where EG Contracting Co comes in we ensure that you get exactly what you want and make sure you have a great experience from beginning to end. When we say custom build, you’re getting exactly what you want and you’re going to love everything in the house cause it’s your house. This is a collaboration between you the homeowner us the builder and the architect. EG Contracting Co offers complete Design/Build services in which we partner with an architect of your choice to create a unique home design customized to the specific wants and needs of you and your family and every single finish and fixture was selected by you.

Proper Planning
Brainstorming a list of must-haves and don’t-wants before even starting the process will make everything go smoother and EG Contracting Co will help you with this ensuring you get everything you want and need out of your custom built home and property. The more homework and planning you do the smoother the whole process will go and it starts with you knowing exactly what you want. How many rooms? What type of architectural style? How many floors? Type of flooring, cabinets, fixtures, hardware, lighting, etc., there will be a lot of choices to make and we are here to help every step of the way, but by being properly prepared it will be a whole lot less stressful and more rewarding.

Once we get to know your sense of taste and style, we can bring samples in of plumbing fixtures, lighting, cabinetry, etc., as well as help you with the whole umbrella of things that need to be done and help you make well educated decisions. Designs may be planned around lifestyle, to capture views or to enhance privacy. Interior and exterior finishes are selected to create a truly one of a kind home. Contact us today to find out how EG Contracting Co can bring your dream home to life.
Semi-Custom Built Home
Already have a set of architectural plans you like and want a home built off of them or want them customized EG Contracting Co can help you build your semi-custom home this is a great way to save time and money but still have a home built that fits you individual needs and lifestyle. EG Contracting Co can make changes as extensive as resizing, adding or deleting rooms or as simple as selection of interior and exterior finishes.

Not Sure
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